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Cat ear ornament pearl Headdress and chiffon scarf from Banggood review

Helloooo. This is my second part of my Banggood review 2:D This parcel came super slowly and I was very busy last week so I only got to post it up today. I took so many selfies but they were so ugly. aya….

The parcel came in this plastic material and inside was this cardboard box that ensured the goods to be in perfect condition. I wasn’t expecting the package to be packed so nicely… nothing was damaged along the way to Australia.

The parcel took only 1 day to be shipped out but so weirdly, this parcel came in 2 months. I have never had such experience with Banggood so maybe its this unlucky parcel….

Everything was in perfect condition. Nothing was broken or cracked. I loved wearing it everywhere at home:D

The headband was very comfortable. I wored it for 3 hours straight because I forgot it was on my head after I took photos and I could not feel it. Some headband hurt my head so much and I get headaches when I wear headbands for like 1 hour. Probably bcos I have a fat head:P 

This is the whole headband. And here are some details of the headband.

I accidentally took this. 

The stock photo:

communication: 5/5

Judy is too cool. I would like to thank her for updating me on shipping of this parcel and she replies messages in a day.

quality: 4/5

It would have been perfect but one of the pearl things dropped off  -___- 

Value: 5/5

Its only around $3. So cheap and quality is quite good!

Shipping: 2/5

My other times with Banggood only took 2 weeks. I am not sure why this package took 2 months. 1 processing day is too quick. 

The next item actually came from my previous package. Previous review

This is the chiffon scarf

Here are some pictures of me wearing the scarf. The scarf is 164cm long and the width is 72cm. There are 5 colours to choose from; wine red, green, Navy Blue Khaki, pink and Black. I chose a dark blue scarf. The material is Chiffon so its super nice to wear around your neck. 

The cloth is very soft and light. Its really nice to wear around your neck unlike some scarves that is itches around the neck because the material is too rough. This is a great accessory for summer or spring to add taste to your clothing. 

Stock photo:

Quality: 5/5

Super pretty and the quality is so good. It came with no damage. The scarf came from a plastic bag. You can see my previous review on the shipping and other clothing items here.

Value: 5/5

Its only $2.8. Super cheap and its free shipping. I doubt you can get such a great price anywhere else!

Colour: 5/5

Its true to the stock photos as you can see from above. 

I would love to give a big thank you for Judy from Banggood. She is so nice! The customer service is 100%. I just love working with them!

Monday July 7, 2014
3 months ago

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